This tag is always my dream and always wanted to be one,I am sure that you too wanted to be one.Last day i happened to read the beautiful letter Abraham Lincoln wrote to his sons teacher again and really wanted to write a post about this Letter, because it was so much inspiring.Here are some of the lessons i learn t from it.

World is a mixture:Don t think that world is filled with the kind hearts neither bad hearts,like the two sides of a coin there is good and bad people,it is important that you keep this truth in mind.I have seen people who are so kind,they trust every soul,but experiences are they end up in trouble.One should develop the wisdom to separate the good from the bad,otherwise you may fall prey to predators.Take it as a wise advice.It doesn't mean you avoid such people in order to exist in this world you should defeat the evil and should always have the courage to stand on your values.

Make books your friends:Books can be your friends even in crisis they are the light at the end of the tunnel they show you the path in darkness to realize the beauty of books read this post The force that keeps you on the track.

Learn from the nature:Nature is the best teacher,the best way to learn is to observe the world around you if you observe it keenly you can find the this post to learn more.

Better to fail than to cheeth:We all hate failing,we are ready to do anything to make sucess our partner,but realize on the way you are going to miss many things.The Truth is not hidden for long,like the clouds that cover the sun,it would rise above all so keep this in mind,because the path you take is also important.

Stand on your feet:There are some situations in life where you dont beleive in yourself,when the world takes the charge on you you loose the beleif in yourself.I had many such situations where i just felt giving up,but whenever i just gave up i failed,but whenever i did take the courage to fight back i won.So dont give up "Beleive in Yourself" if you dont beleive in yourself the who will.

Adapt yourself with different people:As Bruce Lee says "Be like water" water takes the shape of the vessel in which it is poured,we should adapt ourself with different people be soft with soft people and stand strong against strong,you will experience the magic in relationships then.

Be courageous to go against flow:In the flow of life,it is always easy to go with the current the beleifs the traditions the thoughts,but if you wanted to make a change your voice to be heard you should be courageous to take the diversion.
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." Robert Frost.
Open your ears and Heart:Listening is a beautiful skill,when you listen you will learn,but beware to keep your hearts open because whatever you hear,they should not be yours always filter them with your heart because it will make the right choice.

A SMILE can make a difference:Learn to smile,what would you loose when you give a nice smile,nothing right but you gain many things you can even impact lives because a smile can make a difference.

Dont hesitate to cry:Crying is a way of expressing your emotions,one should not hesitate to express oneself whatever the situation may be because it can change your life.

Keep away from flattery:One should always keep flattery at bay,they will look nice,have a wonderful smile and speak beautiful cream like words but they will destroy you beware of such people.
Dont hesitate to sell yourself:Sell your great values,but dont sell yourself for anything else.

Purify him through fire:Life is not a smooth sail,you will have to encounter different situations in life and biggest mantra in facing them without fear is to realize the worth,to know that each situation is a lesson a step closer to lead a beautiful life.
Inspired from the letter written by abraham licoln to his sons teacher.If you wanted to be the best guru follow these tips it can surely create an impact in your childs life.


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