One of the greatest criticism that i face when i write this blog is that "ARE YOU 100% PERFECT",then why do you write all these stuff.The answer i wanted to give is "NO" i am not perfect,i always could not practice whatever is there in the blog,but i guarantee you that it is a track for me which keeps me awake about my duties and responsibilities.There are several instances where i get deviated from this track to a different one,but the greatest advantage is that these things keep me pulling back.
Everybody knows about gravitational force,the force that keeps bodies attracted to the center of earth,the articles that i write would act as a gravitational force that attracts me towards it.Whenever a situation comes where you are tempted to take a diversion this force attracts you back,there have several instances where i would feel that what i have done is not right,it gives me a wake up call to make corrections,and to be aware of the consequences.It is at this juncture when you are in trouble with yourself,you don t know what to do next,all these self development articles good friends and great relations will save you.So friends next time you get a chance to improve yourself don t take it for granted because it is the force that keeps you on track.


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