beautiful lines which inspired me for this blog

As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers,seek teachings from everywhere.Beautiful lines isnt it,our life seems to e a journey and throught this journey you would come across myriad of colors but the key thing lies in the fact that whether these colors could make your canvas beautiful.As you all know the best colors are made by mixing primary colors.Thus it is important you mix these colors in right proportion.A bee always go from one flower to another in seek of nectar,thus the aim or goal is fixed but the ways are different and the real talent lies in extracting it from everywhere,there may be good and bad and its your responsibility to separate the good from bad and take the best.Like a master craftsmen who carve the stone to beautiful sculpture,one should be able to make it for good.
The second line is in corelation with the first line where the need for inner peace is mentioned.The mind is the most important thing and your thought process play a vital role in making the outer you,unless and untill you gain full control over it whatever you do outside to make it beautiful it wont look beautiful.Thus you should be able to know yourself which is the most important thing.
At a point when you understand yourself fully and gain full control of yourself the further steps that you would take would be never be in vain.This is the point you should aim for,where the mind is without fear.


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