The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us and we only know them when they are gone. (George Eliot).
Like the flowing river,moments in life come and go and you may never get it back,some people are also like that,they come and go and if you don t realize their value you wont get any chance again.I remember that beautiful quote that touched my heart"Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones". I was lucky enough to get her back again.

It was a journey that brought us together,journeys always take you to a different world,a world where you have nothing to hide,i have found that people become more open in such kind of journeys,may be you wonder was it the same person that i met before.Perhaps the most beautiful part is that you may find new people.Actually i didn't find her she found me.It was a Bangalore trip that brought us together,the beginning of the tour was as normal,actually i did t find it interesting because i was not making any attempts to enjoy every bit of it,perhaps i was trying to confine myself to the small world around me,no attempts where made to know the breadth and depth of the world.A bit of advice from my life experience,never confine yourself to the small world around you,freak out into the BIG world around,you will find life more interesting.
Back into the story,but some time you don t need two hands to make sound,one could bring the change,change is like a perfume it could collide on molecules nearby and spread the fragrance.I felt that she was like a perfume molecule who could spread the fragrance,actually i did t find her,she found me.She was having a different approach in making relations she never had any prejudice,she found a treasure in every packet may be that was why i got the chance to know her more.But may be i think we haven t shared much in the tour,but surely we could break the outer shell,the feeling of being strangers.The journey was almost ending,but i never realized that i have got a yet another friend.

It was then my mother told me about her family,hearing the story i felt a kind of respect for her,that beautiful smile that she had came once again back into my memory and it never fades from my heart.But when i asked this question to myself i found some interesting answers "I am really more lucky than her but do i enjoy life as she does",for her every moment of her life was a celebration,i could see that,she really did enjoyed it.May be the rush of life has taken her face off from my mind.But i had still traces left in my mind.

May be days and months passed we used to see each other rarely but no much conversation took place.It was then the announcement came we are going to unite once again through a yet another journey it was really delightful to hear this news.Being with people you love is indeed a great feeling, it is something beyond words it needed to be experienced.Traveling has always delighted me,the fresh faces the new landscapes always excited me,the greatest feeling is when wind passes heavily through your face it invokes a fresh feeling of nostalgia.But this time it was a bit different,i have broken the outer shell and we are no more strangers.But i wanted to know her more,what made her really different.I started really observing her,mind me you can learn a lot about people by simply observing them,and these kind of journeys are the best ones ,people often keep their mask away.The more i observed and talked to her i realized that i have made yet another great choice,she was really wonderful person to be with.I was really lucky to spend time with her personally,we talked about the little moments in our life,the times when we enjoyed the most,values of friendship,our personal interests everything seemed to be very exciting and i really enjoyed it.The best was when she shared her wonderful experience with the kids that she taught.She was a teacher,i always respected teachers and always considered it as the most noble profession,because i had come through the hands of some great teachers who have molded my life,A PRANAM TO ALL MY GREAT TEACHERS, the more i talked i realized her greatness and what made her more attractive was her compassion and love towards her fellow beings which distinguished her from others.Each time she helped a fellow being i found a kind heart in her.

When you are ready to shed your inhibitions and is ready to listen to people,you may come across some amazing people who transform your lives.I was lucky enough,i was surrounded by living angels, i remember one of our fellow travels,we called her ammu she played a vital role in building our relationship, in fact the small fights we had actually helped to foster the relation.The reason for the fight was very simple,ammu was her friend too, infact at one point she felt that she was not taken care off,so ammu decided to have a fight with her,they wont talk to each other for the rest of the journey,later i intervened talked to ammu and finally we became best friends.It was then she told me about the upcoming birthday of the princess,she requested me to buy a gift for her,so i agreed with her plan and the next stop we all got down we both bought her a birthday gift as a token of love,it was a small cute little princess and a beautiful card which had some beautiful words in it,i don't remember the lines,but it greeted her a prosperous life ahead. When i realized that once again it was getting over,i felt as though it never need to end.I just wanted to know her more,speak to her share experiences,but i realized that it was life,even if journeys ended the life has to go on,but i have made a promise i would still keep the relation.I am really happy that this journey has given me a best friend.Best friends are like that,they touch our lives and transform it.

I still keep the contact and the last day i happened to ask her a question"What was the most beautiful experience today" and the answer that she gave really touched my heart "Each day i have several beautiful experiences and i cant name one because every experience is close to my heart because i really enjoy every moment of my life.That is what makes her different.

This post is dedicated to the princess who touched my heart and i think this is the most beautiful day to express my love towards her,its her birthday.Once again thank you for being my best friend.


  1. Thanks a lot my dear friend 4 remembering me and give this wonderful gift.may the good god bless us to stay still in touch

  2. Each moment with you i enjoy life to the fullest and learn a lot from you,one of the most beautiful characters i have ever seen in my life wish to keep in touch with you till death,once again thank you for being my best friend.


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