I have always wondered what is the single characteristic that separate charismatic people from others, when i tried to observe them i could come out with some wonderful answers but the most simple thing was,they had a beautiful smile that separated them from others and made them stand out from crowd.Recently i happened to read one of the quote by Christine M Huppert it said like this

Be nice and smile to everyone you meet. You don't know what they are going through, and they may need that smile, and treasure it.

These beautiful lines by Christine actually reminds us about the power of a smile,how often we tend to give a smile to others,a smile that comes from the heart,i think we often smile less,it is as though we are missing out something when we give a heartful smile.Actually a smile is just more than enough to change a life.

Human beings often go through different situations in their life and these are different for different people,there may be several people who require an emotional support and this emotional support tend to change their life for ever,so how is this related.Actually smile is a connector,it connects between two hearts and will then let in a smooth flow of emotions.

When we tend to give a smile,it is a sign that says "I am open to a relation with you emotionally"actually it tends to work well,i often use this tool to connect with kids on the streets,often during my travelling i see a lot of kids,i love kids and when i do find them i try to give a big smile they often smiles back,we connect our hearts,it is a great feeling.

Smiling is also a great way to connect with people around you,in your daily life try to give a smile,when you see a familiar face be kind enough to give a smile,it will surely touch their hearts you will see that relationships tend to become more smoother,it is like a lubricant,it reduces the friction,try doing this you will realize that next time you see the same face they too will give it back to you,then you can be sure that you have touched a heart.

And the most beautiful part of the story is when you are able to change the lives of a people through a single smile,how is it possible you may be wondering right,when you tend to give a smile people often feel a kind of relation with you,they tend to be more open with you they will start sharing their stories with you could get a clear picture of their lives and do your part to change their life,is it awesome,that is the power of a smile,so next time you see a familiar face give a smile you too can make a difference


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