Some people in college life are worth mentioning,without whom the puzzle would have been incomplete.This post is dedicated to our dear Vysakh who has shown us a fresh new perspective on making great relationships,so hold on,read about this inspiring friend it may help you too in making great relationships in life.
Relationships are some of the most beautiful part of human life and good relationships could mean great for you because in the stretch of a tedious life you will never feel left alone,because there may be your great friends holding you on from falling down.
We called him crazy,mad and never missed any chance to make fun of him,he had the most number of friends in the class a clean sheet with all 60 ,he owns the last roll no the no 60 tag and he is our one and only great kid.My mother often calls him "Krishnan" because i failed to show her at least one photo where he was not in middle of two to three girls,so he was famous here too.
But friends when i look back this guy has given me great lessons on how to foster relationships because it can make a great difference.These are some of the qualities worth mentioning
1) You should have an attitude first: The first lesson he taught me was the importance of attitude whenever you are willing to build a relationship you should have the attitude first,the feeling that relationships are important in life,nobody can live alone in this world and even if you try ,your life would be meaningless when you don't have great friends, i mean people with whom you have nothing to hide whatsoever.One of greatest difference he made to our class was nobody took the challenge to know everyone personally but he was the first person to take that challenge and go and meet every person and get to know them personally and believe me it indeed made a great difference.2) Never stop giving: Building relationships are no business,you could not build a relation expecting to get something back,you have to keep on giving without expecting anything back and if you have such a mindset surely one day "IT WILL ALL COME BACK TO YOU".Vysakh was such a person and he used to give himself for anything and everything and damn sure that he never expected any returns and i still remember the day when he took the pains to correct all the reports which had the wrong format sitting in front of the shop and surely is it true dedication i just thought of myself in the same seat i have would have asked them to correct all the mistakes and send me the reports again.3) Don' t dare to break the trust:Trust is the most important factor when dealing with a relation it can be compared it to a glass bottle,the moment you put it down it will be broken and its not easy to bring it back to shape again.I mean he never was ready to give up that trust the people had with him you could give him any job and be sure that it is done.4) "Say to Vysakh":Relationships foster only when you are an approachable person people will be coming to you only when you are an approachable person.Vysakh was such a guy in our class for each and everything we went to him and if any need comes we would say"Say to Vysakh" believe me friends is it an honor to get such a tag name everybody would not be given such a tag name and that is the honor you receive when you are approachable.5) Don't take anybody for granted:Every human being is important and getting importance is one of the most basic human need so it is our duty to respect every individual and to learn from them and he was a perfect set example for that he never took anybody for granted everybody was important.6) Being a bridge:People will love you if you could act as a bridge resolving issues you can act as a bridge to an individual or making them understand the realities and when you do that people will respect you.He earned that respect.
7) Show boundless interest in others:In this fast moving world nobody spend time caring others and amidst of this situation can you imagine a boy making a database of all the students in the class and taking the pain to help them out when situations arise,do anybody do such act,may be i have never seen such a great friend with passion for others and is truly worth looking on to.
I would like to thank you for being such a beautiful friend and would love to end this post by quoting beautiful lines by' Charles M Schulz'
"Are you upset little friend? Have you been lying awake worrying? Well, don't worry...I'm here. The flood waters will recede, the famine will end, the sun will shine tomorrow, and I will always be here to take care of you."

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  1. wow......simply WOW......Perfect description about him.... Hats of to the writer.....

  2. Thanks a lot your appreciation give me the inspiration to write more,once again thanks a lot


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