The star that never twinkled(Lixon Davis)

I am coming up with yet another post about my college life,four years of college life has given me the chance to be with some of the best minds and i am really lucky to be a part of that team.
This post is about LIXON DAVIS(the star that never twinkled).Have you noticed the stars of the sky during night,you may wonder that some of them have an extraordinary glow while some of them remain unnoticed.I feel that Lixon is one of such stars who went unnoticed. Through this post i would like to reveal some of the great qualities of this wonderful guy which taught me many lessons of life.
1)Always be 100% sincere to what you do:Sincerity is the key,whenever you are 100% sincere to what you do excellence will come to you automatically,because it is directly proportional.This wonderful guy has been always sincere with me whatever the work may be you can trust him to the core,i think this quality is one of the quality that makes him unique.
2)SILENCE is golden:Silence is golden,i remember one of the quotes by ABRAHAM LINCOLN

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." I think Lixon is a perfect example of this.
3)Always LOVE what you do:You should always love what you do because life is too short and there is no time to waste doing things that you don't love so always have the guts to find your passion and to follow it because that can make all the difference.
4)Don t accept anything blindly have the guts to question:You should always have your own views and opinions which you have learned through your life experiences and you should never give them and always be bold to express yourself not anybody else.
5)The next EINSTEIN:He has been one of the most creative geniuses i have seen,he used to say how he creatively he spends his time thinking about new ideas on different topics and how he used to write it down,may be who knows tomorrow one of his ideas becomes the next new invention.I would like to end this post by saying one of the lines that touched me
"Never take someone for granted ,hold every person close to your heart because you may wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you where too busy collecting stones...."


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