On this friendship day i would like to reveal one of the perfect leaders i have ever seen in my life, my closest friend.Four years of college life have given me some of the best friends with some unique qualities and here is one of them who have taught me several lessons of life and today through this post i would request you guys to rub shoulders with this wonderful guy.I would like to tell some of the qualities these beautiful friend taught me:
1) Everybody is important never take anyone for granted: In life you may come across different people may be good or bad but we don't have to take them for granted because may be it isn't their fault but god has given us the wisdom that is why we are what we are,so it is our duty to help them becoming the best.I still remember one of his friends ANTONY who he always care for and never take him for granted because we are gifted and we have to make others life too gifted
2) Never give up some values in life because they are the ones that would remain with us:Values and character are the most integral part of life,i remember one of the old saying "If money is lost nothing is lost,if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost"so it is always important to keep your values intact not the outer looks, but the inner looks.
3) Make relationships stronger:Relationships are the most important thing in a human life because human beings are the best know relations in this world if you could not nurture your relations you are not a human being,one of inspirations that he gave me was his relationship with his mother,it was an open book nothing to hide i was always inspired with the transparency we all have to be like that make your father and mother your friend because they are the most valuable relationship that you have on earth if you could not be trustworthy in that relation with whom can you be trustworthy.
4) We all are existing to be happy so be happy:Happiness is the key to life learn to be happy always be happy there is no use of sitting sad over your situations instead be happy because if you be happy your situations too become happy automatically.
5) Be flexible but don t break :Flexibility is the most important thing,because as human beings we always make mistakes but don't take it as an advantage to make mistakes again instead it is a learning curve for us.You could remain flexible in some cases but never ever give up the basics.
6) How to read minds and give the right stuff:Reading minds is the most important character a leader should have and the most important thing is to read minds and give the right stuff to right people then people will respect you.
7) Give chance to others:Everybody is important and you should give everybody the right chances to make their best in that particular field,a good leader would be able recognize the right talent and give them the right opportunities
8) Never say never:Never say never,nothing is impossible in your life it is all about hard work,your attitude and never give up mind,you may become an unbeatable champion then.
9) Never go behind momentary pleasures because they wont last:Momentarily pleasures are one of the nightmares that today s youth faces but you should never go up behind them because they wont last longer.
10) Use your common sense to win over situations:Strategy is the most important thing you should use to win over challenging situations and this strategy just means common sense in the sense perceiving your environment and applying common sense.And i am sure that if you follow this guidelines you would become the next MAESTRO as he says.
This post is dedicated to my dear friend VINEETH JOHN who have been one of my greatest mentors through t my college life and if anybody have missed with this great friend i would say it has been one of your biggest loses.


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