It was yet another one,the scoreboard now 8-2.The kids where really pushing hard with the same stamina but we guys really exhausted.

After a long time it was a chance to be on the field again but this time there where some kids around along with some of we youngsters.It was then one of the kids came up with this decision we will be a team,and you be one no mixing .It was really challenging when the call came but wow we took it silly it was some kids out there,really felt we where strong enough to fight against them,so no regrets.

The game started and then it started coming,one after another,the goals.At that moment nothing seems working whatever we did everything just seems to be against us. And it was then,a yet another one and the scoreboard 8-2.Dont worry kids where leading. And after a few secons it was time to wind up,it was really exhausting nothing more to say.

But after coming back i was just thinking about it once again and found some interesting discoveries about our mistakes some of them i would like to mention it may really help hope all love football.

Pass the ball: One of the serious mistakes that we went on making is that we never passed the ball,all thought they where skillfull enough in tackling the kids and tried to hit the big shots but nothing came right.One of the biggest mistakes that we often make is that we all love the position,the glamor that attracts us to top positions but never ready to take the hardships in leadership.Leadership is all about making the ball roll and takes some serious effort you can t alone make wonders happen .

It was not an art: How many of you watch football,i mean with great love for the sport and what was the single factor that really attracted you to the game,i am damn sure that the magical passes and the midfield co ordination makes the sport really worth watching and i do believe that is the only reason why football has these much fans all over the world,sure none other sports is this famous.But imagine a situation where the team plays loose shots with no co ordination in the mid field and when no pass reach the destination it would be the worst game you have seen.So that is what happened here we lacked co ordination,one of the great qualities of a leader is to rightly co ordinate things,mind you the greatest leaders had their magical touch of co ordination.
Kids may be better players:One of the greatest mistake that we made was we underestimated the kids and never took them seriously.But this attitude came against us when the game progressed,one of the serious lesons that leader should know is that,it is a great place over there,you may come across people with greater talents and the leader should be able to accept this truth and utilise his best resources to bring outstanding success,and it is when he discovers that key thing he can bring out world class innovation

We just focused for the goal:The entire game we played we focused on getting more goals and on the way,we just lost something great we just failed to enjoy the game,but the kids where really loving it and they had no worries they played their natural game the result was amazing.One thing that we should focus is that we should enjoy every moment of the game only then we realize it was not the aim that should be focused but the beauty of leaving in the moment and enjoying every bit of it,don't worry man the results will come.You could get great insights about this from this post by Ivan where i am going in life.And there is great scene from peaceful warrior which clearly explain the story go watch out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Yzzfi7BKg&feature=related.

We really exhausted the stamina:It was a great game but we lacked the stamina to stay the entire game,we all where virtually gasping to death but the kids,they where just cool.There are several situations when we just feel giving up and the only way to keep moving is to keep the stamina the thought process should be clear and there should be no clutter whatever you do have a clear vision of where are you moving and play intelligently use the common sense to win over situations it could make a big difference.

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