Getting things done(The way to convince)

There are several situations where we have to get things done from people around us,in such critical situations the way we express things can make a great difference in getting things done.Today i would like to tell a short story that gave me insight into how things can change over the way we convey things.

There where two friends both where chain smokers and could not stay away from smoking for more than hour.One day they decided to take a challenge,both wanted to smoke while they where in the church praying,so they decided to go to the priest and ask him permission for smoking while they where in the church.The first man decided to take the the challenge and went to the priest and asked "Let me smoke while i am praying in the church" hearing the question the priest was annoyed with the man he asked "how dare you ask me this question" and replied"don't dare to ask the question again". The man went to his friend and said about this hearing this he laughed.Now it was his turn to take upon the challenge so he went to the priest and asked "Let me pray while i am smoking" hearing this the priest was very happy with the question and congratulated him for his willingness to pray.Friends this story have a great message to give to us, often there are challenging situations in life and getting things done can be often critical at this point the difference between asking and convincing can make a great difference.So friends next time if you want to get things done go and convince rather than blindly asking.


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