There was a farmer who found an eagle's egg,he took it and put in the mother hens nest.
Soon the egg hatched. The young eagle grew up with all the other chickens. Whatever the chickens did, the eagle also did. He thought he was a chicken, just like them.
Since the chickens could only fly for a short distance, the eagle also learned to fly a short distance. He thought that was what he was supposed to do. So that was all that he thought he could do. And that was all he was able to do.
One day, while pecking for corn on the ground, the eagle saw a bird flying high above him. He was very impressed, and thought it would be neat to fly like that. “Who is that?” he asked the hens around him.
“That’s the eagle, the king of the birds,” the hens told him. “Pay no attention to him. He belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth. We are chickens.”
So the eagle lived and died a chicken, for that’s what he thought he was.
This is a short story that i read somewhere,even though it is a short story it has a lot to say about our lives,"ARE WE THE EAGLE IN THE HENS NEST",do we live a life of eagle,without realizing who we are,and what potential we have,truth be told we all lead the life of the eagle.Through my short life at college i have seen some great minds,but the reality is that they never recognized their worth,what was inside them.
This is a question that i used to ask myself,Why the talented get out thrown in the journey of life,despite of their great talent god has given them,we do live a life of eagle in the story.These are some of the ways you could discover your worth:
Look at yourself not the surroundings:One of the greatest mistake that we make is , we often look at the surroundings to find answers for what is best in us,when there is a boom in the IT industry ,we go behind the IT profession and claim that we are born software engineers and when there is a different trend we all go behind that,but actually do we look into ourself for answers,do we realize that.
Watch yourself carefully:Spend some time for yourself,how often do we spend time for our self, one can find magic when we spend time our self ,many of the hidden treasures in you could be discovered then,just rewind those incidents,people everything that has made you happy you will discover your treasure there,what you love the most.
Do something we love everyday:The best way to keep ourself going behind discovering our personal legend(as Paulo Coelho says) is to do that thing we love everyday,if you love writing write an article or a may be a blog post or even a diary everyday which will ensure that the internal fire in you doesn't blows off.
Show it to the world:We human beings always love to feel important and whenever we get an appreciation,it is like adding petrol to fire,it will cause a blaze,but you should express yourself to the world ,that this is what you are ,only then they will be aware of it,a simple way is to talk about your talents to your friends,they will help you find the treasure.
When you get rejected try again:I always wanted to speak confidently in front of a crowd,but each time i get on to the stage the fear of rejection,nervousness pulls me back to perform well,but i never gave up i kept on trying,whenever a chance came i grabbed it and won some prizes too,you may also experience similar situations on your journey so remember never give up.
Get daily doses of inspiration:Read a book or watch a video,that gives you the inspiartion to go behind what you love.Inspiration is like a bath,it keeps you fresh and rejuvenated.
Keep on believing:Believe in yourself,this is the most important thing to keep you going in any tough situation.
So friends realize the truth,we are all eagles and are born to live a life of one,dont let anything obstruct your path ,because life is once you should live it like a legend.


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