The basic human need,to feel important

Why do we wear a branded T-shirt?
Why do you put your latest photos on Face Book?
Why do you wanted to overtake a car?
Why do you do all those stupid things in front of a crowd?
Why do you wanted to buy the latest BMW 7 series?
why do you..........
why do you...........

why do you............
. . . .

And the list continues,we people always do most of the things in life simply because we wanted to feel important and it is one of the most basic human need and nobody can deny that.
It was my birthday last week and at night i received a call from my friend greeting me birthday wishes,and through t the day i received many messages wishing me a happy birthday and when each message came i was feeling a joy,a joy of feeling important.
If you look at the history it is very much evident that man has done lot of things to feel important.Even many of the wars where fought because the king wanted to show his power,feel important.One of the biggest truth is that nobody can be fully be independent from this thought of feeling important or should it be taken as evil.
Today that is what i wanted to discuss
How to use the Law of Importance in our favor to make good things happen and to bring a great impact impact on our lives.
I have just come up with some areas where you can use this law of importance to bring out miracles.

1)Creating great leaders
The best leaders are the ones who are able effectively lead a team from front,and inorder to lead a team from front you need the full support and cooperation from the team members without which nobody can become great leaders.
So these are some of the techniques that you can use to build a team using The law of Importance.

*Give respect:You should give respect and take it unless and untill you give respect,you wont get it back.Respect people and make them feel important.I remember one of my coach,when i was training in the school hockey camp used to address us as "SIR" and he said that everybody deserves to get respect and should be given respect,you should never deny it.We all had great respect for that man.So the point that i wanted to make is you should give respect because everybody wanted to get respect,and they are craving for that and if you are the first person to give that,i am damn sure they will love you more than themselves.

*Don't forget to say a thank you:Thank you is a word that has a lot of power in it and these are two words that can stand alone anywhere.Don t be shame to say thank you to your subordinates because they will love it.Try saying a thank you to coolie who helped you,you can see a smile on his face and then you can be sure that you have made a difference to his life too.

*Free of cost:You don't have to pay anything to give respect to somebody right ,then why do you hesitate,believe me , the returns would be huge.

*Give away positions:One of the greatest things that people look for is to get a position,it makes them happier and they feel important,but you being a leader give it up and as Robin Sharma say Lead without a title and you can see miracles happening.

*Pat on the back:Whenever one of your people have done something wonderful for the organization give a pat on the back and appreciate him he will feel more important and in turn you will get more respect.
*Overcoming Fear
Fear has been one of the greatest enemy of mankind from the beginning itself,the sources indicate that people fear public speaking more than death.So i have already told about fear and how it is holding us back in life so the question here is how can we overcome fear how can we make a change.One of the root cause of fear is the feeling of inferiority when we feel that we are important we will have the confidence so the best way is to give self respect to yourself and others and you could get rid of fear easily.

Building Great relationships:
One of the basic pillars of building a relationship is to build trust and how could you build trust simply by giving the other person importance,if you are least bothered about your friend you will never be able to build the trust and in turn build great relationships.So give importance to your peers as you except to get them from others,believe me miracles can happen.

Better marketing:
The entire business world sells their product based on one major concept"Treat customers as King"what does this actually mean it just means that you treat customers with respect,they are the most important, not anything else,when this concept is used for marketing you could see some of the most amazing responses from the crowd.
So the concept of law of importance is everywhere and the difference lies when you use it positively for a good reasons,you can possibly change anything
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