This is a guest post by VINEETH JOHN who aspires to become a football manager and through this post he expresses his views on making world class football managers.Myself i am great fan of Manchester united and love reds.
The manager is singularly the most important man in helping a football club achieve and sustain any on-the-pitch success.The results they produce from week in week out is so crucial for their life.Their main Objective is to co-ordinate all off field football activities for the Clubs teams to ensure that all players and off field staff are provided with the highest level of support to enable them to compete and perform at the highest level .They must provide support to the Executive and Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the Club.
The world of the professional football manager is one in which danger and uncertainty about the future hover over every match the team plays. It is often a lonely and isolated position, which can leave managers vulnerable to psychological stress.The football managers are always subjected to pressure on and of the field say on field pressure come from players and fans where as off field pressure from the media and club owners.
To be the greatest manager you need to be well prepared for three things.
1.pre-season where players are being tested well on their positions.
2.During season where players are being evaluated and motivated for results.
3.Relationship where the manager plays a key role to co-ordinate the on and off the field matters.
Make sure that your shirt is the opponent’s least favorite color is always a morale booster to players a which in turn must speak right results for the club. Managers plays a key role in building the club success. If you`re not good it means you`re on the verge of being fired. There isn`t any sympathy cos it is not about one or two individuals is all about the millions of fans.If you`re not fit you`re out. Club owners wants to see their manager to produce results and they want it straight away. Pressure everywhere.How you cope with it brings the best football manager!
Sir Matt Busby was one of the best managers world has ever seen. Busby and his team began the 1957–58 season full of ambition for an assault on the Football League title, FA Cup and European Cup. On the way home from a European Cup tie against Red Star Belgrade on 6 February 1958, their plane crashed on the runway at Munich Airport. Seven players and three club officials were among the 23 people who were killed at the scene. United lost many of their high prolific players. Many predicted sympathetically that it was the end of United. But beating all odds Busby successfully rebuilt United, as he guided them to a 3–1 victory over Leicester City in the 1963 FA Cup Final. They were league champions in 1965 and again in 1967 with the best yet to come. The biggest success of his career came on 29 May 1968 when the team won the European Cup. The competition Manchester United won for the first time in their history. Busby brought United from zero to hero. With all the pride and popularity brought from those days United still remains as the most popular Football club in the planet. Players tend to live up to their managers expectations of them. If a managers expectations are high,productivity is likely to be excellent
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