Blogging just began as a hobby for me, a few months back,but after a few few months into blogging i got the chance to learn something beautiful from this hobby.When i just started blogging seriously it just began to give me more lessons.

Today i would like to share some of the things that i learn t from blogging

Its real fun man:One of the most funniest things about writing blogs is that there are some situations where you write something funny and you just laugh for yourself and people around think you are mad or so,a really exciting situation.

Got some great friends:Writing definitely gives you more friends,people definitely will start looking to you to get something exciting for the day and it just makes the day for you definitely when some people call and congratulates you about the previous post wow really exciting.

Got some great satisfaction:It is something that gives you greater satisfaction,when the people at the other corner of the world say that they have got a better insight into life,its damn great.

Realising yourself:How best could you analyze yourself,it just helps me improving myself.

Sharpened skills:Definitely it improves your writing skils you just learn to be more expressive and do learn some great techniques about writing.
Learn t some marketing too:When you are writing something taking of your leisure time you wanted maximum satisfaction so i just went to learn some marketing too to promote the whole stuff.
Definitely some technical knowledge too: Being a software engineer it gives me some excitation when working with latest technologies of web and to know more about it.

Got some great ideas:Making good blog posts is a serious effort you are always in drought in getting some great stuff to write so you have to always keep yourself alert for some exciting new ideas and it is real fun.

Friends these are some of the key things that provoke me to write more if it inspires you
don t hold yourself back start blogging and unleash yourself and mind you it is really exciting.

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