As Einstein said "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your resources"
Who is said to be actually creative?One of the wrong concepts in our mind is that we always believe that the most creative minds are the ones who have some really extraordinary talent to do so,but the actual truth is that the most creative ones are those who have those hidden resources in them.This make me remember the beautiful film"Slum dog millionaire" where the boy gets the answers to his questions from the situations that he had faced in his childhood , is that the creativity yes i feel,the hidden resources makes the most creative persons in this world.Consider the example of an a artist who draws beautiful pictures from his imagination and these pictures look the most creative to us,but the actual truth is that the picture that comes in his mind is due to the keen observations that he makes with his surrounding,which is embedded in his mind which comes out as beautiful pictures.Like this we could too become the most creative people by sensing our surrounding that interest to us,which makes us the most creative people in our own field


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