An inspiration from torrent community to build great relationships

Wow got the movie i loved from the torrent site would this excite you,definitely it excites me.So before going into the whole new idea of building relationships like peer to peer sites i just wanted to give you an understanding about torrent sites

Actually these are networks in the internet where people join hands to share some of the greatest stuff for free,you may get absolutely anything from torrent sites,how does it work?You install a software and this would act as an interface between you and the other members in the network and it is like a bridge where both of you will benefit.Whatever contents are there in the peers computer is yours and vice versa,is it really exciting.

So some of the things to learn from them:
Having an attitude to share:The most important thing in building relationships is the attitude to share,when you have that attitude to share great relationships would foster.Torrent system is like that it is a community of people sharing their content for each other.Here the software is the mind that is having the attitude to share.

Put the right stuff:It is up to you to decide which content to be seeded,which means made available to other people similarly you should share your good qualities and use it for building relations and it would be really helpful in building everlasting bonds.

When it is wrong point it out: One of the most beautiful things about the torrent community is that whenever they see that the particular link is bad they just comment and help others from avoiding the same mistakes so it is really helpful,in relationships too it is really necessary guys because if you keep your aggression towards the opponent building without negotiating one day it would blast and break the relation instead you can sort it out it can foster great relations man.

So what if you build such an attitude,put the right stuff out and negotiate when necessary the final result great relationships is it wonderful.

Feel free to put on anymore great ideas you get.

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