Have you seen angels,i have seen them.
In the childhood classes i have been always fascinated by the stories of angels who come to protect us from all the dangers but till now i havent seen any such angel.But the realisation that there are guardian angels around us who show us the light in the darkness and cath our hands in case of difficulties gives me a fresh feeling of care.In our daily life we come across a lot of people who play a vital role in our life without whom our life puzzle would remain incomplete.At this point of time i rather realise that there are living angels around us.they may not be beautiful or as the story narrates with pretty frocks but what make them angels is their mind a beautiful mind within.
The greatest mystery lies in the fact that we wont always realize them as angels they may be our friends may be your own blood or may be a stranger they can be absolutely be of any shape.I would rather love to tell such and incident in my life where i found such an angel,living angel.We often forget to express our love towards our close ones manier times though we love them the lack of expressing it could possibly result in friction between most cases this is due to lack of that openess.
This is the story of a friend who just changed my views on expressing my love towards my parents.One day i was talking with him outside my house after sometime my father came past,while i just gave him a grin he went up to him gave him a shake hand and asked him about days work out and after a greeting my father went past.After my father has gone the first thing that he asked me was this question"Why didnt u say anything to your father after a busy day out,may be a good word from you could cool his radiator"
Hearing this the first thing that came to my mind was his conversation with his father he used to have a very friendly talk with his father and he used to introduce his father as a good friend of his.This thought just gave me a fresh insight into the relationship that i had with my father,i loved my father a lot but i never intended to express that in this form.We are always like this we intended to forget many such small things in life which may be much valuable than we think but at times such angels would guide you and show the right path and its upto you to recognize that and follow the path shown by them.


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