I had asked one of my friends to give me a feedback,reading my blog.I felt there was a need of reboot,to look at the basics once again and to start over again.
And it was yesterday i received a message from him,the message was exactly like this
"A serious question to you r u gonna continue your writing on ur blog for your life time"
After reading this message i was just thinking,i felt that this question was something that i should have asked myself before venturing into blogging.
"Would you continue this for a lifetime?"
I just started thinking about this and asked this question again and again,why is it i spend this much time on my blog thinking about each new post and reading books and articles,observing more keenly so that i get a new topic to write,doing all the stuff to promote it,Why is it ?And after asking it again and again i just came up with some wonderful answers and i would like to share it with you today.

There had been hard times when i struggled with myself when i had no clue of what i am doing and why doing,I just had endless questions and no answers.It was then i met with some wonderful people and started reading stories and listening to people sharing their experiences and started to try it for myself,when i started applying these principles and philosophies in my life i too started experiencing miracles in my life there was a fresh new perspective about life.I just started getting answers for my questions and this phenomenon was a great inspiration for me.
I started to dream of days when i could find meaning for my life and help others find meaning too because i just loved doing that and always enjoyed the process of learning and teaching.

It was at that time i started reading some of the blogs and this new concept really fascinated me,i felt that it was better to start now rather than dreaming of a day when you could achieve all your dreams and blogging has always been and will be a ladder to the mission i am engaged in and feels that it would make me a step closer to my dreams.I always dream t of a day when i could speak to the world and help them figure out the purpose of life.
But into field of blogging i just learned many more things and had a mixture of feelings.You can read about all my new experience from blogging here My new experience from blogging
One thing is of sure,i will continue this process as long as i keep my dreams on and i feel that the moment that i turn off my dreams i no longer have existence in this world because i do believe that i have been called for a mission and do believe that it is transforming lives and if i am not doing that i am not worth living here.

One of the greatest advice for my readers is that don't look at this question only in this perspective look it from all dimensions and whenever you do anything in life,will it be building relationships,following your passion or whatever it may be ask this question before you start


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