Are you fed up with this career?

One of the greatest disasters i have seen is that students often get dragged into the same old traditional careers despite their taste for something else,why is this happening ,s it the fault of students or parents?.Studying in an an engineering college i got the chance to see two kinds of people one who are genuinely passionate about engineering and others who just took it because their parents or relatives said so or may be the the trend played a part.I just want to compare the ratio of passionate students to non passionate students,and you may just wonder by the figures a whopping 1:4 is the result.But is there any reason to blame students i think in most cases they are not aware of their tastes and really unaware of the courses that interest to them,then what is the solution,how could right people with right passion come in the right field.From the insight that i got from going through the biographies of some of the most successful people and also my own little experiences i have formulated some of the techniques that you can use to find out your passions and never get lost in the current.for this see this blog post
Realizing your talents


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