Ways to realize your talent(the path to take)

Talents are not gifted when you are born but instead you earn it through perception.I am sure that some of you may not agree with me but i can prove you that, consider a family which have great singers and the next generation also have good singers in them but you cant afford to say that everybody are singers in that family so how can you say that singing is a talent that you get when you are born.But there is another way to look around it,there is greater probability that singers children may sing better and the reason,the child is getting a better chance to perceive the information about the talent in that environment that he is exposed to,from the very childhood,so there is a greater probability that he becomes a singer.But what about we normal people,is there a chance for us to realize what we love.
I just recall my school days,we had a system there where everybody is made to sing dance and paint,the main reason why we are into this is because we have been given a taste of everything and had the option to take which was suitable for us,.When we are in the KG classes we really don't know what are our passions are we have to really figure it out through tasting everything.I think this system is one of the most effective one to figure out the right talent in students .If you wanted to get the feeling of heat you have to actually touch it right the same is the concept.But there may be situations when you wont actually get a chance to realize your talents and the truth is that the majority may be in this category,what can you actually do in this situation i have developed a five step action plan for you to realize your talent :
1) Make a list of things you love doing: We all have interest for different things some may be interested in drawing others may be interested in elocution and so on so the first way is to figure out what are the things that you love doing and just make a casual list of these things.
2) Find the careers that match your tastes:After you are done with it the next step is that you have to spend time finding out careers which suits your taste you can use the help of your parents friends or reading articles about the specific career and its opportunities.
3)Select the best few from the lot:The next step is to choose the cream of the lot the one which you enjoy the most and the career which will give you a chance to expose your talents.
4) Try to feel the particular job:May be outside looks may be lucrative so make it a point that you have a knowledge about the inner looks too so try to make visit to that industry ask the experience of elderly people who have been in the industry which will give a better insight into the job.
5) Try to work in that field in whatever possible way:Even if you you know more about it through others it may be not good for you so take the chance to be a part of it in whatever possible manner,for example if you love to become a journalist write a blog and see the response these can really help you.
If you are ready to follow these five steps i am pretty sure that you may end up in a right career today or tomorrow because passions never die.


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