I found the problem i am going to solve

Today I realized that this is the  key problem I want to solve  in my life. The problem is people don't know what they wanted to do with their life and if they do, they don't  know how to do it. In most cases people choose their career for two reason, either for money or because parents or society told them . So what is the outcome of this , a unhappy set of people who are doing unhappy work.  When a  question arises what can solving this problem do, i have a million answers to say and every answer could be interconnected. On speaking how to solve this problem i dont still know how exactly i am going to solve this problem. But i know for sure i am going to solve this problem.
What makes this problem favourite to me and why I should solve this problem ?.  I believe that if I solve this problem I am going to enable a million others who is going to solve a million other problems around me and they will put their heart and soul to it , so why I take the headache of solving a minute problem , if I can be the enabler who solves million other problems.


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