An e-mail written with love by a software developer

                                                                             This letter was written my dear friend sridhar to one of our clients, i am sure this letter was written from the  heart and it surely tell the story of a developer. Hats off my friend, it has been  great working with you, and i personally learned a lot from you my dear friend.

Hi *****,

I am sridhar, the developer who is trying to develop you as a product that people would love to use and would make a part of their life . In the process of building you rigid to these harsh environment which is trying its best to destroy your stability and trying to break your arms so that you will loose your stability to live around people and get them to know more about yourself. 

Birth of ****,

You were born out as a great idea from your godfather *****, who gave you the name that you hold today. I still remember the day when people sent me your photographs showing what you could become one day . I really fell in love with what you could do if trained properly and was sure would make me proud the day you go out to the world. You came to me on 28th january , i still remember that day , i felt very sad seeing you ,you were like you dint even exists, the you that i saw that day was only blank like a child , so i made a point that if i am building you then i will make sure i will train you such a way that people wouldnt shout at you and blame you for your existence. I made sure i will give you my everything , my time,my life, everything that was stopping me in making you what you want to be.  

**** is different,

You are different, i can say this was one of the main reason i fell in love with you because you were different from those who already existed but dint care about people opinions which you did. I started you on 24th, i saw that the photographs the people showed me dint existed because all that i got was simple layouts with buttons here and there and when i tried to run you i saw only blank layout of you. But i dint complain and started to picturize you as seen in the picture . I dint had the resources to make you look like that which i got later. In the process of developing you, you had different features like chat,ask questions,share and invite. Chat would have taken 20 days for others to implement but we your creators make sure that we do it fast so that you can start interacting and made you to chat locally in 2days. 

we made you function locally but you wanted to reach the world ,so we had to integrate you to server which had access to people to whom you could connect . we couldn't integrate you initially as we dint had proper apis to integrate you and the server was crashing without sending you the information you required. Going down the way we got the apis in parts day by day and we started to understand you as a product. we needed to do pagination in order to make you wait less so that you can get response faster. we also gave you the ability to send photographs and images to people who connected to you. we also did profile which brought people more closer.

Sorry ****, though i could do everything ,i could not build you rigid due to unrealistic timelines and constant pressure from the people who needed you fast but forgot you wouldn't survive if you were released early. I am sad i could do only so much for you but would love to bring you up better if you could get me more peaceful time to make you want you should be. 

I hope you would convey my message to your team and request them the same and would return back to me happily

If you come back i will make sure you would not break even in tough environment, 

Thanks *****  for being a part of my life ,though i am giving you away you will always exists with me as a part of me

a sad father


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