Through the life at foofys

The journey with foofys started on may 12, 2014. After an experience with a unsuccessful startup getting again into a start up was scary.Adding to which was some of the reviews on glassdoor. But as always good friends always come into rescue at the right time, this time it was vineeth helping me go ahead with this decision of joining with foofys, thanks to vineeth , looking back that support helped me lot throught the journey.
                                             It was the first day at foofys and i was skeptical when i first stepped in, new company new people and enough reasons to be skeptical when stepping again into a startup. The first day itself changed my prejudice , friendly people, a space to express,  everything just kept me excited enough. Looking back the journey was a roller coaster ride, a one with tons of learning expereince and here i would like to tell three stories from foofys

Few of the mantras i hear repeatdly been chanted in foOfys

Come out of your comfort zone, that is where magic happens.
Dont tell me problems i also have a thousand problems to tell, tell me solutions.
Make decisions by yourself , you are also a leader.
Whenever trying to put across a problem , dont tell the problem , but give suggestions also to solve the problem, it shall really help.
Show your qualities to others through examples.
Never expect appreciation for what you do, appreciation will come...
Give value to people and respect them, you will give it back.
Dont say yes to everything , learn to say no and put it in a polite way.
Love what you do, then time wont be a problem.
Be the most friendly and charismatic person around, shake hands, greet people.
Keep learning and keep reading.
Try to plan ahead, planning is most essential process in your life, it gives you a clear picture of what to do next.
Say thank you without any relectance.
Get into others shoes when you communicate, that helps in convincing and smoother communication
Help people in whatever ways you can, nothing wont be a waste.
Actions speeaks louder than words.
Take ownership and responsibility in whatever you do.
Do what you say, that makes you a reliable person.
Enable others and keep enabling them.
Build good relationships with people, you wont know when it shall help.
The way you put it is important, you need to master the skill of presentation.
Quality counts.
It is important to take risk in business.
Be bold enough to speak out, otherwise you shall never be heard. be continued


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