The lessons learnt from leadership

Everybody is a super hero here in their own areas

                                                                             Being in a responsible position, leading a team of hot blooded youngsters, taking right decisions, getting things into shape, changing modes when needed, being a part in itself, creating an environment where everyone loves to come, making friendships, getting to know people deep, having a vision are the few things i went through and learnt being a leader. It is an exciting journey everybody should  travel  and would be taken upon one day or the another. In this post i would love to share some of the learning i had travelling this journey.

  • Everybody is a super hero here: Different people are talented in different ways this belief have always helped me. When i could figure out the right talent and put them in the right places things began changing, more ideas came out, creativity blossomed and i could see old traditional methods being replaced by new technologies and new ways, more leaders emerged, in my terms a new super hero is born.
  • Super Heroes are super heroes: I always believed that everybody is a super hero no hierarchy there. Everybody is a leader , and every bodies voice should reach the upper crest, here there is no room for egos, only one aim, every voice should be heard loud, no one man show here. This gave people more importance, they really felt it was their own, they initiated new changes.
  • Super Heroes always get the credit: If you do something you are the one who is going to get the credit nobody is going to snatch it from you so put in your best. People started to love doing things.
  • Super Heroes have the freedom but should know the limits: Everybody loves freedom, nobody loves to get restricted,  u have the freedom to do  anything anytime, but you should keep your part clear, nobody will take care of your role. Teaching to know the limits and warning when limits are crossed helped members to take responsibility of their own. If one forgets other super heroes took the initiative in remembering them.
  • Even Super Heroes make mistakes: Sometimes you take the wrong step make mistakes , but you will be given a second chance, because even super heroes make mistakes, but you cant repeat it again and again. Helped in building roots of friendship , love and care , most essential thing in any relationship.
  • Super Heroes party together:  We play, work and have fun together.There is no individual parties we love the word 'team' and we stand for team work.
  • Super Heroes fight each other sometimes: We fight each other sometimes but we soon unite to gather more strength. Conflicts are a part of the story always but resolving conflicts is yet another beautiful story.
  • Super Heroes too have an unplanned day: Planning is the key for us, one unplanned day turn things upside down, so we try to make less unplanned days.  
  • Super Heroes have a story to tell: Every super hero have a story to tell , listening to these stories help you fight for different causes together in more strength
                                                                       Best of luck for all my super heroes who taught me this wonderful lessons.


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