By the window side....

 Down the road i see magic, for the distance covered i shall never regret.

                                                       The cool wind is hitting hard on my face and there is a fresh feeling of nostalgia. This feeling has always amazed me from the childhood, so every time i get a chance to go by bus, i make it a point to be by the window side, so i can enjoy every bit of the journey Actually i have always wondered why this gives me so much happiness to be by the side of the window, being such a silly craze i enjoy it to the fullest and never get bored by repeating it again and again. When i kept on observing those moments i got some interesting answers.....
                                                       When the cool breeze was hitting hard on my face i always tried to be in the moment and tried to feel the coolness in it , these winds take me to a world of memories where   
my face was lit with joy, where i enjoyed the most, it may be breaks of laughter i shared with friends or a beautiful  moment with my beloved or the crazy things i do everyday, i never used to think about the sour moments of life then...instead get rejuvenated by happiest moments of my life....this simple thought process kept me happy through t the journey :).


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