Last day i happened to read the life story of Gautham Buddha,how he changed his life forever.Buddha was born into a royal family ,after he was born his father invited a brahmin to make predictions about the prince's future. The brahimn prophecied that Siddhartha will get disillusioned with the material world and would venture out as a sage in search of wisdom to overcome suffering and misery from the world. Fearing that the prophecy might come true, King Suddhodana brought up his son in immence luxury and a world devoid of sorrow, thinking that this divert Gautam's mind from misery and sorrow.

But fate had something else in store for him. One day, he convinced his charioteer to take him outside the walls of his palace and he was shocked to see the sight of an old man, a cripple, and a corpse. He had no personal grief but he felt deep pity for suffering humanity. Amidst comfort and prosperity, he realized the universality of sorrow.

The realization that there was more to life than the lavish and luxurious life he was leading, made him abandon all the worldly pleasures and search for enlightenment and the true meaning of life. Gradual disenchantment with worldly pleasures compelled him to leave his beautiful wife Yashodhara and son in the middle of the night to lead the life of a mendicant.
This story made me think back into my life,most of us being born to better families are really dumb about what is happening outside the four walls of our life.Usually we are ignorant about such things and don t want to waste any bit of our life actually thinking of all those stuff.I just happened to had the taste of this unawareness.

Just two weeks old at MAD it has been a great experience with the kids,each moment spent with them is a life experience.One of the greatest truth is that,they teach us more than we do to them,i remember one of the lines that our trainer told us"Never underestimate these kids,they may not be as qualified as you ,they don t have degrees to their credit,but they do have more life experience than you,the situations that they have gone through in their life is more drastic than you have ever gone through in your life"Yes i do feel and experience it with these kids.They have several stories to tell me,the stories that is going to change my life forever and i am eagerly waiting for the days at MAD.


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