There are some people who always attracts us ,they always keep us glued to them and whenever you are with these people you find yourself in a different world ,have you experienced it,have you been around with some extraordinary people like that and always wished to be so,today i wanted to share some of the ways by which you could become one.

Remember people and their names:In one of the books by Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people he mentions the importance of remembering names and calling them by name ,by remembering the names it is a great way to express that you remember the person,calling names would send a positive message that they are important so always remember names and try to call by name.

Relax and be a comfortable person:Be a relaxed and comfortable person.Make sure that you are like the still water "still water runs deep".These people emits a positive energy.

Learn to be a easy going person:Take things in a stride,don't make little things bother you.

Don t give the impression that you know everything:Listen Have you been with people who talk about themselves non stop,they keep on telling about themselves and their greatness and we have to listen to that,really kind of irritating people,we always avoid their company.Don t be the villain mentioned above instead try to listen to others and respect their opinions it can improve your knowledge and make others feel that you value their opinion too.

Be an interesting person:Be positive,Stimulate others,work at becoming a person others want to be.

Learn to be gracious and polite:Being polite is not letting yourself down but it takes you to newer heights.

Keep loving others despite their faults:One of the greatest barriers in making good relationships is prejudice and judging people on the past experience which always creates a mental gap gap between two people so how can avoid this,just treat people with a fresh mind always,put the past experiences in the trash,it can create great difference.

Boost other people:One of the greatest sins we do is we never see the good in others or do we appreciate when we see good.Encourage people ,support them,congratulate them and tell them why you appreciate them.

Share the good values with others:When people see that you are driven by values in life,people will start respecting you and they will come back to you seeking that positive values.

35 Things that make you special by Mary Jaksh of Good life zen

So friends this is the magic formula to mold yourself as the most lovable person,do follow and you will see changes in life.

(Source:Ideas has been take from Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people , from the thoughts of Dr Norman Vincent Peale and also from my own personal experiences)


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