“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.” Oscar Wilde

Last day dad had brought us a Cassata ice cream,it was his share when he had gone for a wedding and he had brought it back home so that he can give it to us (myself and my two sisters) when i saw the ice cream i just grabbed it from him and started eating,as usual mummy came by and started questioning are you eating it alone,my sisters were out then,i thought i would have the entire scoop because they are not at home but mummy insisted to keep a portion for my sisters with much sadness i had a portion of it and left back the rest in freezer,it was really tasty,i just wanted to have it completely.

A few days after that incident i got a chance to attend one of my relatives marriage i happened to eat the same ice cream several scoops but after a few scoops i started hating it,it didn't have the same taste as before,i then thought about the previous day were i got the chance to have a small portion of the single scoop it was really delicious but today when i had enough it didn't taste the same,what was the difference.In first case i shared my scoop with my sisters which even though was not willingly gave me the chance to share to keep away my selfishness and in the second case i was just satisfying myself which didn't make me happy for a long time.

Selfishness is an integral part of every human being,there is no human being who is not selfish,different human beings show their selfishness for different things.

The different kind of selfishness:

Selfish for love:

Selfish for material goods:

Selfish for positions:

Selfish for happiness:

Selfish for money:

These are some of them,there may be different kinds and different types,but the greatest thing is that in order to make ourselves happy for ever we have to shed this quality,i am damn sure it could not be completely eradicated but the consciousness that selfishness is in every human beings and the truth that every human being is selfish for one or the other help us to deal with relations more efficiently,the wisdom that selfishness would lead us to unhappiness would prompt us to live a life free from selfish needs and to be more happy always.


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