Who am i,this is a question that we all do not dare asking ourselves.Actually we have three personalities

What the others think we are.
What we think we are.
What we actually are.

In most cases we have answers for the first two questions,but we lack answer for the third question.The truth is that we have the answer for this question engraved deep inside our mind,but we never spare time trying to get a answer for this question.Yesterday i sat down and gave a thought about myself,Who am I? and i was happy i got some beautiful answers.

I am a very emotionally fragile person suffering,pain,love everything just engrosses me quickly and i get really hurt when i see all this but i think i am not taking any action to do my bit to bring a change to this situation this thought gave me an insight into taking some action.

I have fallen down several times in my life but whenever i fell down i had the great attitude of getting back into position again and to fight back.I think that has been one of my greatest strengths.

I do have evil in my mind,i accept that truth but i always put up a fight against it,sometimes i get beaten up and fell face down but i keep on trying to get back.

I wanted to get recognition for what i do and sometimes i am driven by that feeling, but i am happy that i always choose good ways to get it done.

I have this feeling of inferiority complex deep within my mind but like a bath that freshens your body,i keep myself rejuvenated by different ways to overcome that feeling.

I have never felt loneliness in this world,but at times i do love to sit lonely.

Self confidence was a distant dream for me,but today i cultivate it in my farm.

These were some of the insights that i gained when i decided to spend time for myself,i would recommend all of you to sit down and spare some time for yourself,so that you discover who you are,and surely this knowledge will help you in your further journey.


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