Rene Higuita is a former Colombian football goal keeper nicknamed El Loco ("The Madman"). Rene was considered one of the most 'unique' goal keepers of all time due to his 'crazy' style of playing and impressive plays. Known for being the creator of the scorpion kick, Higuita made an impact reinventing the way how goal keepers played in a game

Some of the life lessons that this man teaches us:

1) Life is really unpredictable like the game of football so face it with ease,be crazy with it and enjoy every moment of it.

2)Risk taking is a part of life,if you wanna do something to change this world you have to take risks,most inventions are a result of repeated failures,taking risk.

3) Try to look things through a different perspective,like the Scorpion Kick you may be discover the next big thing in your life.

4) But don't go behind fame and do things that satisfy others,you may end up in disaster,an example from higuita's life as a football player.It was a mistake by him that knocked Colombia out of the 1990 world cup, when he seemingly dithered with the ball at his feet near the halfway line enabling Cameroon striker roger milla to dispossess him and score, putting Cameroon through to the quarter-finals.


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