We often make decisions in our everyday life,and often there are situations where your decisions where wrong.There may be two situations that you may encounter, in the first case you make the decision without knowing the correct decision and in other case you knowingly take the wrong choice.As i often encounter these problem in my day to day life i just wanted to find a solution for this problem which annoys me.So i have come up with two ways of dealing with the wrong choice and always making a right decision.

Hear your heart:We often make the wrong decision when we ignore what our heart says,through our life experiences we have come up with some knowledge that help us to make the right decision,the only thing we have to do is to hear your heart.

Correct it: Some times there are situations where you don't realize the mistake or you may never know that this was the right decision,in such situations there would be someone helping you to take a right decision ,the only thing that you have to do is to listen them,understand the mistake and correct it.


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