Today i happened to watch a movie called The bucket List.The movie was an average one,but it just was a thoughtful one,so i decided to write a review kind of a thing about the movie combined with some of the thoughts from the movie that could be very useful in our daily lives.

The story was about two men who were from different walks of life,one was a rich businessman and another from an average family,who ran a garage.The story starts with both of them realizing that they were cancer patients.The news was a great shock for both of them.One of the most contrasting thing about them were they both had different attitude about life,the rich man wanted to lead a joyful life for himself whereas the other man devoted his life for others,and believed in values of life.

The most interesting part of the story was when they realized that they had just few more months to go before their final day on earth, they decide to create a bucket list.The poor man came up with this idea of making a list but in the midway he dropped the idea,and throw ed the paper away,the other guy saw the paper and decided to take it seriously.They both made a bucket list,a list where they combined all their wishes,things that they do before they die.

While the rich man wrote down his wish,the other guy came with his great things to do before he die,thus they decided to make the list a common one and they both will do it together.The story advances with both of them doing the most adventurous and weird things in the world and tries to understand each other better.

The greatest change that the bucket list brought to their life was when they exchanged their thoughts,when they decide to become one.The rich man did not value for relationships and always thought of bringing joy to his own life,but never bothered about others life,whereas the other man did not live a life for himself,he lived a life for others.The bucket list had a huge impact in their lives,it transformed each others life in different ways,the rich man started to value relationships better whereas the other guy started to live for himself.When the bucket list was fulfilled they had answered two main questions in their life

Have you brought joy to your life?
Have your life brought joy to to other peoples life?

and when they got an answer for both these questions,they had succumbed to death.


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