"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child." -- Forest Witcraft

Remember those days when you first went to school,when your first teacher told"this is your second home" and i am your second mother,where the teacher shared her views about life and shaped you into what you are today.The thoughts and lives of our teachers have indeed been a part of us.I still remember the days when i put fight up against my mother not agreeing to what she says and the argument that i used to put forward was this"the teacher told me other way around". They had a great influence in our lives,actually the thoughts that they shared were part of our thoughts,they had made a difference.I honor you teachers all over the world. Keep on sharing your light.

Through t our life we play the role of a teacher and our life is indeed a gift to someone around us,they learn from us,love us and live a part of our lives.I have always had this passion to touch the lives of others in one way or the other and help them make a difference in their lives.So today i wanna share some of the ways you could make the life colorful for the people around you an in turn make your life worth living.

Blogging to help others:The reason why i started blogging was to get an open medium where i could share my thoughts,i always got inspiration reading books,watching videos, and from real life experiences which has played a vital role in changing my view point about life and through sharing those experiences i wanted to help others too discover themselves and to have a positive influence in their life.Imagine a world where people are not willing to share the knowledge they possessed,the world would have been a different place,but we have excellent people around who sets the path,people who are willing to share,so why do we hesitate to share the little knowledge we have.

Text messaging helps a lot:
There have been several instances when i got inspiration from the message that my friend have forwarded,sometimes those messages touches your heart,provoke you to take action,i personally have helped people realize themselves better,I remember last day when one of my friends expressed her gratitude,i had pointed out one of her qualities that she have never recognized before,you may feel that this is such a small thing,but definitely it have a great impact.

Make people happy:
There are several ways you can make people happy sticking to your values,a simple example is when you sincerely appreciate your friend for community work he is involved in,or a piece of good writing,it can give him the drive to continue his work,i still remember in beginning days of this blog i had some great friends (priyanka,vineeth,anjali,rima,anil sir,muralee krishnan sir,harikrishnan,ritto,vyshakh,nikhil,mary,rose.......)and many more (sorry for not remembering your name you know it right)who have really appreciated me and given their valuable feedback which kept me going,to even spend hours doing research on blogging and so on,i wanted to say a thank u for all those supported me and wanted to convey this strong message,do your little bit, spend time for others,it will do magic.
Give a speech:Whenever you are on stage remember you are getting one more chance to touch lives,may be a personal story or a personal experience could move your audience,don't think that the whole lot will get inspired but remember that if you could change the mindset of at least one mind for good ,you have made a difference.
During a travel:When you travel you meet lots of new people,actually you cant get to everyone,but there may be situations where you could help your fellow travelers,may be explaining a route,or may be hearing their personal story,it has happened to me when i was traveling back from my college i had to go through a village like area where there are very poor people when u intend to ask them something they would tell their entire history sometimes i may feel sorry for their story but when i used to say some kind words they feel a little bit better,you can actually see the sparkle in their eyes,you have at least made a difference to that single moment of their life,indeed it is great.So friends when u get a chance to help a needy don't be reluctant actually you are creating a spark there and inspiration is really contagious.
Visiting places :Truth be speaking i could not involve myself lot in charity,but at few times i had got this opportunity to visit orphanages and old age homes,each time i get a chance to be there i realize the kind of privileged life that i am leading,we are all in one way more privileged than them, you could experience it when you go there,but whenever i get a chance to be with them,i used to try my bit to bring a smile on their face,truth be told the most happiest moments are that "When your love or words could bring a smile on a wounded heart that is the moment when you experience true happiness".
Help people around you:We often want to change the world around us and one of the greatest mistakes we do is that we don't see our immediate neighbors,but instead roam all around the world to give help,we have to start it from the people around us,there may be a lot many people who seek your help in your family,community,school,college start from there first,make a difference there you can do magic elsewhere.


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