A few days back i was traveling back from my college and happened to share a seat with one of the fellow travelers.The bus i was traveling was in an absolute hurry,at one moment i felt as though it was my last journey,so i was gripping hard on the hand rail and trying to comfort myself.The man sitting next to me was absolutely cool,he didn't have any worries,it was then he told me "Nothing will happen stay calm" i just looked at his face,said nothing back.It was then he told "they have great calculation" hearing this i said to myself "ya they have great calculation whether it is seconds or minutes to death.This time i asked him what do you mean by that,he replied "myself i am a bus driver i know the profession,it is hard to catch on with the timings so we have to rush,its our bread,if wont keep on to timings we loose money",really i asked.Then he said something that interested me.

He said"When you are driving your mind should be clear of thoughts,you should not have any element of doubt when you are overtaking a vehicle,even the slightest element of doubt could bring disaster"Then he said "Have you noticed how we corner and move smoothly without any rethinking,when we are through a corner we have a perfect picture of the vehicle imprinted in the mind the length and breadth are images in mind,and when you have that visualization you will never make a mistake when you corner" wow i thought.

These people they don't have any degrees and haven't learned any management lessons still they do these simple things with utmost perfection,because they have a clear idea of what they are doing,let it be an inspiration and a management lesson for all of us to do things with perfection.


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