my formula for achieving DREAMS

We all have dreams and i think there is nobody in this world who have never dream t of anything in life.But the fact is that only a few catch their Dreams.As Abdul Kalam said
"The Dream is not what you see in sleep,dream is which does not let you sleep."
Though many of us have great Dreams we never tend to achieve it because of so many reasons, today i want to share the magic formula that i use to achieve my dreams.
1) Seek teaching from everywhere,everybody:
You should open your mind and always be receptive,try to learn from whatever you see and wherever you are, never ever shut your receptive mind because the moment you shut it you will be far away from learning and you could never ever achieve your dream.
2) Filter it with your Dream:
Filtering is a very important process,in this world you may come across good and bad things and if you are not able to recognize the difference there ends your journey.
3) Grab every opportunity to stay closer to your dream:
Opportunities are always open to us but our duty is to recognize them and to grab them quickly even a pause could be dangerous so next time you get an opportunity to stay closer to your dream never look back,be a part of it.But the truth is that opportunities wont come to us,we have to go near it,we have to seek them and find it.
4) Learn from each opportunity and correct mistakes:
Though you get many opportunities if you are not able to send a feedback cycle to yourself and learn from the mistakes the opportunity does not make any difference thus the priority should be given in correcting your mistakes and continuously growing.
5) Always keep the passion in you never let it go:
Passion is one of the beautiful words in my dictionary it is the word that gives me the fire in belly to go for my dream the moment your passion dies you become a fuel less rocket so always preserve the drive in you,your passion.
6) One day you will achieve it:
If you are able to fulfill all these conditions successfully i guarantee you that one day you will reach your destination and your mind would be full off happiness because you have achieved your dream.


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