Delete the virus in your mind

Guys you all use computers right and how often you end up in trouble when a virus attack is on the computer,it just makes you frustrated right especially when the attack is severe affecting some major files,its really frustrating i often had this in my machine and knows the real frustration.

So what i wanted to talk to you is about the same situation of your mind the negative thoughts,it is like the virus that troubles you.

i just wanted to speak about two kind of viruses

Silent Killers:This category is often very dangerous,they are hidden and you may not know what is happening behind the scenes.

a second category

The warriors:This category often announces the attack way before it is launched and give you the warning signal and you have two options either take it seriously or face the consequence.

So how is it related to our mind,in our mind the negative thoughts get accumulated like the silent killers which doesn't show you the symptoms but remember one day the "call will come" and you may never know.

But there are several situations when you know that it is coming and the warning system says"it is coming" "it is coming" but you never pay attention and just wait for the consequences.

So as the administrator,caretaker of your thoughts what are the ways to solve the issue or may be prevent the attack.

Solution for silent killers:

Our mind is a like an ocean and there may be good and bad things often there,so how could you determine what is good and what is bad.

Ask yourself:Everybody have their own thought process which would give you a warning signal when you are not in the right direction,hear it.

Seek the help of mentors:People who can really guide you and tell you what is right or wrong.

Read:Reading is great habit to cultivate,from the insights of great people you could figure out what is good and bad.

Solution for The warriors:

These are the thought process that have the guts in them,they announce that they are coming
so really be cautious and dont fall for it.Best ways to get rid of The warriors.

Seek help:There may be people who have gone through the same tough situation,look to them for help.

Change your attention:I remember one of the proverbs"An empty mind is devils workshop"
so try to engage in things that divert your attention


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