the mistakes that you learn from leadership

Taking the role of a class representative was a very challenging one as i did not had any previous experience leading a team.When i was elected as the class representative it was really a proud moment for me and that too in the final year of my college life it added more taste.It was a great opportunity that i had to lead a batch of such wonderful students.I was a guy who was very reserved and did not have any such experience but this opportunity came as a gift to me.I still remember there was much deserved students than me but god give me this wonderful opportunity to learn a lot from being in such a respectable position. It was yet another leadership quality that paved way for me being the chosen one.
Justify Full The greatest realization that i get is that looking back into my tenure of leadership i understand that i could not make a great impact being a leader but definitely i believe that i could learn a lot from this and today that is what i want to share with you guys today.I could get a birds eye view on everything that needs to make a great leader because this position gave me that opportunity.Before that i just had a vague idea about leadership as i always say we often realize only the glamor in taking up such a position but never realize the amount of hard work that is put in.
The final year tour was the first assignment that i was put into where i could see the beauty of coordination,the art of linking the chains together.I still believe that our final year tour was a roaring success.Taking the role of a viewer sitting in front of a screen seeing the beautiful movie i could perceive even the minute details.There was people with different behavior and different thought process but everybody was handled with ease by my tour coordinators they just happened to be perfect in their execution congratulations buddies.Through this journey i learned how hard it takes to be a true leader you just need to adapt and do the most weird things sometimes to make things into track and there comes the beauty of leadership.
The second main event that we hosted was our tech fest where i realized the meaning of resilience.We just began from scratch though we just had the previous experience working with our seniors that was not enough to handle the situation.Here we were the seniors and the entire responsibility was in our shoulders.In the beginning days we just took it lightly we did not realize the seriousness involved but as days passed slowly we could feel the wheels jamming and situation came where we could not move further.But there came out the leadership qualities of our cesa coordinators who just happened to realize the heat behind their back slowly things started sprouting out and we had a final show.I believe that the power to come back was the key thing.The greatest mistake that we made is that nobody had the feeling that "it was our program" may be that was the greatest failure we had.I just happened to realize the meaning of unity is strength in a much deeper manner because the true leaders don't make followers but instead they make yet another leaders.
The third and the final lesson that i happened to learn was "you should be able to read the minds of people" the flexibility is the most important factor the leader should recognize the mindset of his peers and need to be flexible unless and until that happens in your leadership you are not a true leader i would like to stress on the quote once again
Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.
(tom peters)


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