Performance fear is one of the worst nightmares that we face in day to day life,one of the main reason why we are not able to overcome is because of our misconceptions and the thought process through which we go through when we are performing.The first truth that we should realize is that nobody is fearless and there is nothing such as fearlessness everybody has their own worries on stage.As the speaker say we are born fearless and through more perceptions about the situation we become more fearful it is this thought that should be changed, a simple example is the fear that we experience when our name is called from the stage.Here i would just like to mention those key points that the speaker says once again which are the ways to overcome fear
1) The first key thing is that you should never mind the audience instead concentrate on your presentation
2) Be always creative,try toreplace that thought with something else
3) grab all the chance on your way and dont wait for the perfect day


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