True friend a true mentor

Recently while attending an interview the guy in the interview panel asked me what is the greatest learning that you had in your college life.This was just like an arrow shot at me with a severe impact.I had no much time to think i just answered like this"Actually speaking the four years in college life did not give much of in depth knowledge in the subject but the greatest learning that i got is,got the chance to know the meaning of friendship much deeper"Today that is something that i wanted to share with you my friends,friends are an integral part of our life we do learn a lot of things from our friends and eventually that learning becomes a part of our life too.As i said the four years in college life i had the chance to be with some of the most awesome people in this planet, from whom i did learn a lot, from the basic leadership lessons to how to love the people around you ,it has been a whole new learning saga a never ending experience.Today if i just look at myself i am not the old person i have transformed, yet another feathers have been added to my back which give me this extra strength to take off with a bang.Friendship is one of the beautiful gift god has given us and means a lot to become a good friend ,and to get a true friend, so hold on never miss a true friend, always treasure them in the deepest of your hearts because that gives you a new meaning in life.


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