to fight with each other and for each other

Friendship is a wonderful quality and you get to learn a lot of things from your friends.One of the greatest gift that i had, i had a friend who often fights with me,his reasons to fight are often silly but the greatest quality that i could learn from him is how to settle things easily.The fights that we had never ended up in a situation where we just kept away from each other but instead it did tighten the relation.The greatest beauty of this story is that even though i could not accept these things , he was a guy with difference he could not stay with this forever,after a few minutes into fight he would come back and say sorry for the mistake that he did,which eventually breaks my ice too.Friends look upon to this guy and learn this beautiful quality from him,in life we have several situations where we have to get angry with our peers but if you let this feeling go on for ever,you would never be able to accept that person the same again but instead if you could take that single step in coming forward and shaking hands with your friend your bad feelings about that guy would vanish and keep connecting with him ,with more ease than ever.I would like to end up by quoting these lines from bible
"Be angry, yet do not sin." Do not let the sun set while you are still angry, Ephesians 4:26


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