The days where you had to fix a target it in mind and nail it down has gone,today we all are living in a fast moving world where every second updation is taking place.Each decision you make, you have to give a second thought and be fully prepared for a setback because it is no more a fixed target.So the thought that i would like to share today is that whenever you are setting a particular goal in mind try to be dynamic in the sense you have to set goals for a short period of time and keep on revising it or upgrading it inorder to meet the target.Imagine a sharp shooter hitting a flying bird,if he would target the bird at a particular instance and shoot it as though the target is static he would never be able to hit the bird but instead if he is ready to revise the target and shoot it considering the additional distance the bird would go while the bullet reaches there the target could be easily pierced.Always when you are preparing for the presentation expect the unexpected and be ready to nail the target wish you all the success.


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