the journey through college life part 3(learning from failures and the importance of attitude)

It was when chemistry sir told me to take aseminar in class i realisd that 14 years of school life did not give me enough courage to face an audience.When i first stood in front of the class i was virtually standstill and could not utter a word it was as though words hesitated to come.My hands where vibrating as though i am having a resonance things didn't go my way.after that class i realized this could not let loose like this.I decided that i would learn some techniques to overcome stage fear.After the class i would eagerly wait for the half an hour that i got in the net center.I started reading many articles on this topic and also i downloaded many videos and i would watch these videos reaching home which taught me many techniques to make a good presentation.After a few weeks i got this chance to make a presentation on Linux.Actually i decided to talk on that topic because i just felt that knowledge in this subject would give me more platforms rather than my love towards the subject.Due to this upcoming class i started learning more about this topic and and started tracking friends who would give me more knowledge on the topic.the journey that i had gave me many friends who just didn't give me knowledge about Linux but many other topics too some where interested in a wide variety of topics which gave me more knowledge on the topics.Even i could learn some philosophy from some of my friends and it was a great learning experience because as Steve jobs told the dots would connect you may don't realize the value of some small things in life until they reflect back in your later life.The decision i took to know more about Linux gave me insight into other fields of life.And later when opportunity came i made a paper presentation with one of my partner this gave me more confidence to stand on stage.I never did miss any of the opportunities that came my way and grabbed everything but i didn't get any prize which made me sad but this didn't back me i realised the importance of failure and kept on trying and the final day came when i got the first prize,from then onward s it was continous success and bagged many prizes.I realized that it is all about attitude how we look upon failures is important if we take it as the greatest mistake in life we would never win in life but on the other hand if we consider it as a step close to success it would turn around things fro you.


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