journey through college life part 2(the friend who taught me some values in life)

The first few days of college days where filled with lot of hope,hope that the new college life is opening a new window into life but soon the realization came tha it is not different from school life.The initial days where focused in getting a friend who could help me in my studies.I did find find one i got a friend with whom i did mostly spend time talking about subjects and not anything else and also i was very afraid in moving from one place that i used to occupy always the first bench because i felt that changing the position could ruin my hope of getting good marks.Slowly days passed and i realized that it could be no different and one day the news came my friend is leaving,he got admission under government quota so he just decided to leave.The
next day he came to class to say the final good bye,after which i have never contacted him.the next few days where filled with anxiousness because i didn't get any other guy who could be possibly a support for me.But this did not last forever,when a new friend came into my class
he has got an higher option still there was ochange in my position the first bench.After completing all the procedures he came into class and occupied a seat in the fifth bench so i could not talk to him that moment meanwhile someone told me that he is a guy who has dedicated his entire life to academics and not anything else.This news gave me a ray of hope the man i was searching for has finally come.When the bell rang i just looked for him but i didnt find him,suddenly he have vanished to thin air and when i asked some of the guys sitting near by him they told he has gone for his daily routine library visit.I didn't give up i just went to the library and so him there i talked with him and used all my techniques to capture his mind,he was my next target. Finally on the next day he has got a place in first bench.Actually he didn't understand my flattery.But soon the relation began to take a new dimension when we started understanding each other mutually things began changing.I still do remember the late evenings in the college that we stayed to make our future bright turned actually into a good way of a blossoming relation.We mutually shared all of our problems together which made our relation much stronger.He was person with different approach to life and was utterly different from mine thus i could learn a lot of great qualities from his life. I think it was the first time i had such a deep relation with a friend.But now i realize that there are still somethings that i avoid from him but i have no regrets because somethings should always remain untouched because there are much more things to concentrate in life.Today i realize that this phase of my life has been so crucial because he was able to give a good base to my character and acted as a mold to my changing behavior.The days i had spend with him did teach me some valuable life lessons which i otherwise would haven't realized so the great message that i have to say to you is hat we often don't recognize the real gems in life on the busy way of collecting some other things in life.


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