Failures arent defeating you but lifting you upto never ending success story

"Failure" the word today gives me the more strength to strike with impact.Failures are an integral part of life,i think nobody ever in this world have got success without failures because if there is such a situation where people never fail but always win the life is not going to be smooth.In beggining of college days i was a very shy guy in the sense i was very much afraid to go on to the stage and speak a few words in front of the audience,i think that was one of my greatest nightmares.But slowly i started thinking that this could not go further,due to fear whatever ideas that i have in my mind could not be freely expressed this was the worst case scenario,at this juncture i decided to read some articles on "how to overcome stage fear"this was just the theory,but later i felt in more love with it the passion to control a crowd started to attract me,which attracted me to videos in you tube where i used to be a usual customer downloading videos of all those professional gurus who offered me a chance to get tips on becoming a master presenter at this juncture i got an opportunity to present a paper on e waste at the kerala agricultural university which i took as a golden opportunity to showcase my talent i just grabbed the opportunity and went there and presented a paper there.First time making such a presentation did give me nerves of steel but i did never give up i fought back i just grabbed all the opportunities that came my way made presentations today i am feeling so much confident while making presentation and i am really comfortable with this and surely it have turned into one my greatest passions,to speak in front of a crowd.Whenever you do have failures dont take it is as a failure instead take it is a success,because keep it in mind that the greatest of greatest have achieved the impossible through continuous hard work and attitude to win.


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