Recently i got a chance to meet this young energetic 22 year old who has been ranked the number 2 in the world ranking by FBI for hacking.While hearing he was coming i was very excited and wanted to see him make a presentation in front of a huge crowd gathered at sahrdaya college.While we where waiting for him coming on to the venue a lot of thoughts came in my mind,one was,what would he wear when he is making a presentation,surely i thought it would be a suit which would be apt for the situation but after a few minutes i saw the crowd rising up and then a came a young handsome guy in his blue denims and cool t-shirt,that was the first shock that i received and then after that he came on to stage, his beautiful laptop which too was very colourful indeed(the one shown in picture)and after that he started speaking, he began speaking about the relevance of internet in our day to day life and how much information that we do give to google and other companies each moment we share on internet.Relating the entire idea to our day to day activities was really awesome then he came up with a story of a women and how she was cheated by hackers leaking her personal photos and videos live from the camera of her laptop and it was truly an eye opener and showed us the depth of the crime.One of the key things that I noticed in his presentation was his enthusiasm and passion,how awfully he converted the dry subject of programming and hacking into a thrilling movie experience with live demos and personal stories which made his presentation one of the coolest and beautiful.


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