Today one of the greatest barrier for our communication or making a good presentation is our language,many people often say that they have good ideas but they are not able to express that, because English is not their mother tongue so they feel it difficult to express it.Guys actually that is not an excuse for us why dont you take this option,why dont you think in English as many say it is difficult to talk in english because there are no resources for that.Researches show that we spent most of time talking to ourself than to others so why dont you utilise that to your advantage why dont you talk to yourself in english if you take that minimum effort to talk to yourself in english your language would surely improve in a matter of days rather than getting flattered by the words of those institutions which say that they would teach you spoken english in a matter of hours,i guarantee you that it is an impossible task to learn english in that way so take the next step think in english and try to express yourself in a more solid way.


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