push it ON,seven times tour de france champion LANCE ARMSTRONG

Lance Armstrong has been one one of the legends in the cycling winning seven tour de france he has been a man of great inspiration ,surviving from cancer he came back winning seven tour de france.One of the greatest quality of this man is his hardwork and passion for his game and the never give up attitude in his life.In his bestseller book "every second counts" he explains the amount of training that goes into the preparation of each race .Recently i had a chance to visit one of the alumni of iim Ahmedabad and i got a chance to ask him one of the questions that i always asked to myself what make them so special he told me people often see the glamor and fame associated with great men but they never see the other side of the coin, the tremendous hard work and hours of training these guys do never comes to limelight.Today this same message comes in to my mind if you have the passion for something never give it up,give it a try until you get it and that would be amazing.There is a huge talent beneath us our job is to discover it and then give it the right training.


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