Have a look at this ad guys,how is it amazing right,this ad has been one of the favourites in this world cup.Now we can have a look at it,what is so special about this ad?,and how did it capture the attention of a audience like a wildfire.Pepsi has been very thougtful in making a ad like this.The ad is emphasizing on the different variety shots that the players make but the way in which they convey the whole concept CHANGE THE GAME is very different they are just trying to relate the shots to day to day life activities and how would that have influenced the players in making such different shots in the field, even though it looks funny there is a very good message from this ad.Whenever we are conveying a particular idea to the audience we can do it in different ways one is the normal way of just saying the idea but the other way is adding a pinch of salt to it,surely the second way would be better because we are relating it with something that the audience are familiar with which could really make an impact.So next time you make a presentation keep this point in mind and make a difference.


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