FRIENDSHIP is truly a gift from god as we can see that friendship is the bond which is so strong no other relation on earth is so open so truthful a friend would be aware of all the facts about his friend i am sure that even the father or mother does not know many things that your friend may know so i think that is the most truthful relation on this earth.Wish all of you have a trustful friend like that as the quote says "A friend in need is a Friend Indeed".So what i have to say today is that whenever we are dealing with an audience be truthful like a friend and be open to them like a friend your talk should be in a such a way that you are talking to your best friend if you are trying to make such relationship with your crowd surely they would give you the best responses and you ideas are conveyed more freely.This should be your thought process every time you are on the stage it would also help to crack your nervousness.


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