learning from journalists,Shireen Bhan

If anyone can please tell me more about Miss Shireen Bhan...i mean i totally and absolutely think that i watch CNBC because of her...” – a blogger on IndianTelevision.com
Well, that’s the kind of effect Shereen Bhan has on the audiences! This young lady graduated from St.Stephen’s College (that’s right, it’s Stephen’s again!) and went on to obtain a Master’s in Film and Television from Pune. Prior to CNBC TV18, Shireen was an associate producer with UTV. She joined CNBC TV18 five years ago and practically redefined the term ‘anchoring’. She is frequently seen on shows such as India Business Hour, Power Turks, Young Turks and The Good Life Show. She was recently named ‘FICCI Woman of the Year 2005’. Her effortless deliverance of news and features alike as well as her cheerful disposition has made her a favorite in thousands of Indian homes.The amount of passion and enthusiasm this women shows while she is expressing makes her so unique and special and offcourse her body language is perfect for a reporter.


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